Friday, August 23, 2013

Holy Crap It's Hot

It's been hot here in Bleecker lately.  It was 85 two days ago, and 91 yesterday.  That's really too hot to be doing manual labor.

Earl was spreading out fill from the basement over the big wet spot on our property.  The fill had rocks in it, so Earl, being Earl, and being too old for that shit, fetched his tractor with its little backhoe to scoop the rocks into the backhoe's front bucket.

I was hauling gravel, sand, and stone from the gravel pit and dumping it on our driveway.  I got off Bessie the Tractor and was raking it level when I saw this garter snake, who was shedding his skin.

Snakes ALWAYS freak me out when I see them until I figure out what they are.   Once I knew he was a garter snake, ate bugs and had no fangs, I picked him up (wearing leather gloves, of course, 'cause they're icky) and tossed him in the bushes, safe from the dogs.

Olivia was being all weird, as usual.  No, I have no idea what she's doing on top of the woodpile.

Why can't she be a normal dog like Chevy and Ruby and just chill?  Note the bonfire woodpile in the background.  That's going Labor Day weekend.

By a quarter to five, it was down to a cool 85 degrees.  We were done for the day.

I wonder what today's younger generations do who have grown up with digital clocks and cell phone time?  Without a round dial, what does "a quarter to five" mean to them?

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  1. Rite-- What's a quarter to five most kids would say... That's just how it is now... They all should all have a round clock on there headboard-- I'm sure they would ask "Where's The USB Port?"

    Making some great progress there Earl & Dave!! Wish I met Earl the time I was there!!
    You two seem to play very well together!!