Friday, August 2, 2013

Dumpy Gets Stuck. And Meet Leo Pard

Yesterday was a full day.  I hied myself off the mountain to Tractor Supply to buy a new battery for Dumpy.  I picked up five more gallons of their bargain priced hydraulic fluid while I was at it.   I installed the new battery in Dumpy and he fired right up.  I raised the bed and it raised all the way!   I would have popped a victory beer but it was only about 9:30 in the morning.  I do have some standards.

Earl came over and we started digging the foundation.  Well, Earl dug the foundation while I sat under an umbrella watching.  It was raining pretty good.  The umbrella is a beach umbrella and not waterproof, but better than nothing.

Once through the top layer of topsoil, the dirt was sandy.  This will be good for drainage for the foundation and our leech field.

Earl was loading Dumpy up real good.  Maybe too good.  He's a heavy truck, and wth all that sand, dirt, and rocks was extremely heavy.  It was time for me to dump it.  I had a hard time seeing because of all the rain and the fact that Dumpy's windshield wipers don't work.

I drove a little farther to the left than I did before.  It was raining hard.  The top layer of soil has a lot of clay.  Remember TODD the Trailer?   Well, Dumpy slid sideways down the hill, stopped only by a big rock, and dug himself in.

Earl and I retired to TODD the Trailer to have a beer and to ponder our latest adventure.  I thought we should wait for dry weather and traction.  Earl thought we could get Dumpy unstuck with Casey the Backhoe.  Earl tried, and moved Dumpy a couple of feet, but even though Dumpy dumped his load to be lighter, he continued to sink in the mire.

We decided to wait for the muck to dry out.

When I got home, I noticed a cat carrier on the porch.  

Why is this cat carrier here, said I?

"I don't know what you're talking about, honey," said Pam.

Well, meet Leo Pard.   Leo was a drop off at Pam's mom's house.  Pam thought he'd make a good barn cat even though we don't have a barn yet.  But what he has are testicles.  Remember?  Sassy is in heat.  This isn't going to end good.

Leo is extremely friendly.  Just look at him and he purrs.  I can't believe someone would drop off a cat like this.

So now we have three cats to get spayed and neutered.   Soon.

Leo Pard is an inside joke between Pam and me.  We were walking along Brunswick Marina one day and she said "That's a funny name on that catamaran."

What funny name?

"Right there.  Leo-pard."

"Ummm.... do you mean leopard?" said I.

A moment of stunned silence, followed by pee-your-pants laughter.

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