Thursday, August 15, 2013

Victory Beers For Everyone!

Tuesday was a rain day, so we didn't work on the foundation.  Yesterday we had showers on and off, but decided to work on the foundation anyway.  Mud is a problem at our place.  We couldn't use the dump truck because it was getting stuck and sliding down the hill, so I told Earl to just dump the dirt on the side and I'd deal with it with the tractor.

Earl was making great progress and finished the main foundation and moved on to the kitchen area.

Lots of good topsoil coming out of there, which I spread around our problem wet spot, thinking it would help fill it and dry it out.  I was wrong. 

Our sailing friends, Dick and Deb, are taking a tour of the eastern US and stopped by to visit.  We hadn't seen them since May, and it was good to catch up.  For my cruising friends... have you ever looked closely at pics of cruisers and liveaboards?  Have you ever noticed the happy looks on their faces?  It makes you wonder why everyone doesn't have a boat, doesn't it?

Deb made the unfortunate decision to sit in the wrong chair and, of course, we all had to razz her.

Dick gave me a great tip about using Bessie's individual brakes as a crude form of posi-traction.  If one wheel spins, touch the brake for that wheel and power is transferred to the other wheel.  It worked great, except I found out that Bessie's left brakes aren't working.  At all.  Another fall project.

I was doing my best to keep up with Earl, but Bessie kept on getting stuck in the mud and mire.  

Finally, I gave up and just sat and drank beer and visited with Dick and Deb.  I'll let the sunshine forecast for the next few days deal with the mud.  I'll give it a day or two to dry out.  Earl is just about done with the foundation.  He just has to finish it out and that's it.  Well, besides figuring out how to get those huge rocks out of there.

While we were working, the Fedex truck showed up.  The driver looked a bit concerned about what he was getting himself in for as he slowly drove down our little dirt road, a quarter mile from the main road.  When I saw him, I hopped off the tractor and walked over.  He looked relieved when he nervously asked if I was Dave Gibson and I replied in the affirmative.  I eagerly signed, gave the driver instructions on how to drive around the turnaround, avoiding the stones there for the stone wall, to get out.  I'm sure he was listening for banjos, because he left quickly with his windows rolled up and doors locked, no doubt.

I ripped open the box.  It was the connectors for the diesel generator, the 32 amp IP44 special European ones that the guy in the UK had no idea what I needed, and that I finally ordered them from a place in North Carolina,  I hied myself to TODD the Trailer and inserted them into the connectors on the generator.  They fit perfectly!

If ever there was a perfect time for a victory beer, this was it.  And for the record, I ordered three connectors.  You Drift Away blog readers know what that means.


  1. Not sure where your "wet spot" is but, if it's in a suitable location, the approach might be to make it wetter rather than try to dry it -- i.e. create a beautiful pond.

    1. Hey Bob! Yep, I've thought about just digging it out and making a pond out of it. The dogs love the water and would appreciate a swimming hole. Maybe next year, if it doesn't dry out, that's exactly what I'll do.

  2. It would make a great ice skating rink in the winter too. Imagine pics of Dave and Earl tryIng to skate while holding a PBR in each hand!