Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Dig Dig Dig

It was going to be a perfect day weather-wise yesterday so I hied myself over to the property early.  I added hydraulic fluid and diesel fuel to the backhoe and checked the oil and then Earl arrived.  I hooked up the battery cable and fired up Dumpy, and raised the bed a tad as Earl removed the brace holding the dump bed up.

"Uh oh," said Earl.  "Shut it down."


"We have a problem."

I got out of the truck to see hydraulic fluid streaming out from underneath.  I crawled under and looked.  It was a hose.  Then Earl looked.

"It's a return line.  It's got a crack in it.  There's not much pressure here.   We can fix this."

So we hopped in the car and drove to Northville's True Value hardware store and bought a pipe repair kit, which is a rubber hose with a clamp on each end.  Back on the property, we cut the hose lengthwise, wrapped it around the hydraulic hose and clamped it, adding a third hose clamp in the middle for good measure.  I started the dump truck and raised and lowered the bed several times.  It held.

While Earl operated the backhoe and filled Dumpy, I worked on picking up rocks.  This is a great workout program for any of you looking to tone up and drop a few pounds quickly.  I've lost 20 pounds in the few months we've been here.  As a service to you blog followers, I won't even charge you to come pick up the rocks.   No, no thanks is necessary.  I'm glad to do it.

Sometimes I dump the rocks on the rock pile, and sometimes I add to the little stone wall around our driveway's turn around.

I've also been working on the log pile, the one on the right, using Bessie the Tractor to pull it apart.  Firewood goes on the log pile on the left, and the rest goes on the bonfire pile in the middle.  That's going to be one nice bonfire soon.

Earl working the backhoe.

The foundation is coming along slowly because of all the rocks.  In the photo above, you can see a foot or two of nice topsoil with sand, gravel, and rocks underneath.  We should have excellent drainage around our foundation.  Pam picked a nice spot for the house.

My horseradish is growing well.  It will be ready to be dug up next year.  I've added two more plants.  Next year, when I dig these up, I'll replant the heads and expand the horseradish garden.

Bill came by with a cooler of Gennys at 5 o'clock, so Earl and I called it quits for the day.  After a couple of victory beers, I hied myself home.  Pam barbecued salmon for dinner, which was excellent, and then we all snuggled in for the night.  

Here's a dog pic for you dog lovers out there.  We keep the furniture covered because it belongs to the landlord.

Two of the cats are AWOL this morning, Puss Puss and Leo Pard.   Pam had the door open for a bit last night and they may have gone outside, which they've done before.

We just had Leo fixed yesterday.  He better show up.  I've got money in that cat.

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