Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The Newest Addition To Our Critter Crew

Pamela rode on the tractor with me from our rental cabin to our land.  She wanted to ride Jeremiah.  Along the way, she remarked how the Tiger Lilies were blooming and how she'd like some for her garden.  I was making trips between our rental property and our land to get stone fill for the driveway, and on one trip I stopped to dig some up.

Our first planting.  Since you can eat Tiger Lilies, you might say it's our first crop.

I later caught up with Pam on Barlow Road.

The sign says it all.

I think Jeremiah is making fun of me.

Pam says that Jeremiah LOVES to trail ride.  He was eager to go.  When Pam turned him around to return home, he stopped in protest.  According to his paperwork, he was originally used to pull wagons and buggies and such.  At age four, he was broken to a saddle.

From what I learned from our dogs, I'm a firm believer in traits of breeds.  Animals have been bred for specific tasks, like race horses and draft horses.   Morgans were bred to be all around horses, used for a variety of tasks.  They will do anything you ask them to do, which is why they are desirable,  but they don't excel at any particular task.  Pam can use Jeremiah to trail ride, or to haul rocks with a light harness.

He certainly is a beautiful animal.  I can see why so many people are into horses.


  1. Dave, Those aren't "Tiger Lilies", they're standard "Day Lilies". Tigers are a hybridisation of lilies. You can't submit "Tigers" in "Nature" photography for that reason "Shows the hand of man".

    1. Hey, at least I got the "lily" part right! You guys are lucky that I just didn't call them flowers. :P

  2. I recently contacted the previous owner of Jeremiah. I wanted her to know he was ina long term, loving home where he would be trail ridden.... Well, alot, lol. She was very happy to hear he is dong well, since she had him for six years and was very, very fond of him. She read the blog and here is her comment for Jeremiah and his new home:

    "I loved your blogs with so much info and pictures! I am very bad with this technology! Morgans can pull wagons with rocks... I would love to see Jeremiah doing that! In a" Bomb Proof Clinic" he DID pull a few gallon jugs with pebbles.... It's a start, right?
    You guys look like a great team!! and he was laughing at the camera because he finally got to go for a ride!!!