Saturday, July 27, 2013

New Additions to our Critter Crew

Let me set the scenario.

Pam and I are both animal lovers.  This can be both good and bad, especially  because Pam worked as a vet tech for several years.

Pam had two cats when we got together, an old lady named Smudge and a three legged Snowshoe Siamese named Charlie.   We were living in a tiny two bedroom apartment in Stamford, Connecticut.  No pets allowed.

Ruby came to us as a puppy when a neighbor's dog had a litter.

NO!  I said, referring to our lease.

Then came Tony the Guinea Pig.  A fella came into the vet's office and said he was moving back to Ecuador and needed a home for his pig.

We moved onto our boat, Drift Away.  Spacious by boat standards, small by house standards.

Then came Chevy.  A woman called the vet's office and said she had a dog she needed to have put down.  What's wrong with him, asked Pam?   Nothing, said the caller.  My son found him in a warehouse in Bridgeport and brought him home.  He moved away and no one wants this stupid pit bull.

NO! I said, pointing out the obvious, that we live on a boat.

Smudge passed away at the age of 21, and Charlie was given to a nice family in Annapolis because he hated the boat.  It probably had something to do with his head injury and only having three legs.

Olivia came to us in Savannah.  A German Shorthaired Pointer, a high energy dog that needs to run.  And run.  And run.

NO!  I said.  Are you seeing the pattern here?

We're now living in a small cabin in Bleecker.  If we don't get at least our foundation in this year, we may be moving back to the boat for the winter.  Three dogs makes it very difficult to live on a boat, to say the least.

And then, of course, Pam bought Jeremiah the Horse.  I don't know how he'd get on and off the boat, especially if we anchor our and dinghy in to shore.

Pam went to Norwalk, Connecticut to visit friends.  One of those friends is Christine who works at Park Animal Hospital.  Wait for it...

Pam arrived home yesterday.  Chevy and Olivia were ecstatic!

And then I saw it.  No...

One's name is Puss-Puss and the other is Sassy.  I forget which is which.

Pam says we need cats to get rid of the mice in the cabin.  Personally, I think the mice are less trouble.

Puss-Puss and Sassy were living in a crate at Park Animal Hospital for the past year.  For safety, one of the cats immediately ran into the dog crate.

The pit bulls are fine with cats, but not Olivia.  Cats run, and to Olivia the hunting dog that means they're prey.  So for now, the cats are safely ensconced in our bedroom.  We'll introduce them to the dogs gradually.

On a final note, in the pic below, Pam says this is just wrong.  I think that when you reach a certain age you can dress any way you darn well please.

The warmth of socks and the convenience of flip-flops.  Makes sense to me.

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  1. Pam and my Wife both LOVE animals so I do understand.I say no too,I should just keep my yap shut.You need to get that Cabin up quick,cause that horse is not going to work very well on Drift Away,although where there is a will theres a way! How is the sale of the boat going? I thought you had a buyer? And as for the last shot.....If I had feet like that I would walk on my ankles......just sayin!