Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The Hazards of Backyard Hens

I stumbled on this the other day.  Somehow, for some reason, it struck a nerve.

Thankfully, we're nothing like that.  See more at

It rained yesterday, but just a sprinkle.  Today Earl and I will try to move the trailer (tractor-trailer trailer).  We tried a couple of days ago, but it was tough.   The brakes on a trailer are air brakes.  The truck default with no air pressure is BRAKES ON.   We needed to pump 110 pounds pressure of air into the lines to release them.  It took all afternoon of running between Earl's compressor and the trailer with an air tank that had a maximum pressure of 120 pounds.  Without going into all the details, we got it moved.  Three feet.  That's when the backhoe sunk into the dirt and spun it's tires.  We declared it time for a victory beer and quit.

Back home, I figured that there must be a way to release the brakes on a trailer without doing the compressed air thing, so I searched online and came up with this-

I love Al Gore's interwebs, and Google, and Youtube, and the guy that made that video.  Yesterday, I released the brakes on all four pair of wheels.  Then I scraped rocks off our land with Bessie's back blade and plowed them into one long furrow, scooped it up with the manure bucket, dropped them in the ruts, smoothed it with the back blade, and then packed it down by driving over it with the tractor.   All we need now is no rain.   That's asking a lot thanks to Al Gore's Climate Change.


  1. Thanks Dave!! I never would of thought I could learn some thing new this early in the day!! I hope some day I will impress someone with the knowledge that I have gained this morning about Caging Air Breaks...

    Maybe you should include a daily lesson along with your daily blog, Maybe call it The Dave G's School of Hard Knocks (Patent Pending)...

  2. Loved the video of one girls rant!! Very funny!! When we travelled the Erie Canal on our boat, we loved all the local farmers' markets. I can't wait to see what you and Pam start growing after all this clearing. Or perhaps you'll add a few more animals as well, you have 3 dogs, a horse, 2 people,,, hmmm a hen, goat, sheep, bee hive? Good luck with no rain, it's not in the forecast!