Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Get A Horse!

Pam drove over to our land yesterday morning to fetch a few things.  She called later to tell me that it looks like Bessie was sinking more and more into the muck.   So I hied myself over there to have a look see.  There she was.

Water had filled the ruts I made the day before.  I don't believe this is rain water.  I think it's spring water.   Bessie was stuck real good.  Check out the front tire, up to the axle.  

In the old days, isn't this when someone would holler encouragement?   Something like "GET A HORSE!"

So we did.  Jeremiah is a ten year old Morgan from fine breeding stock and registered with the American Morgan Horse Association.

He's a handsome boy.

The black flies and mosquitoes were thick, especially around poor Jeremiah, so Pam put on some kind of a net thing.  Jeremiah didn't seem to mind a bit.

Until I get a barn built, Jeremiah is staying at Judi's and Earl's place.  Earl is happy because now he doesn't have to mow the field.

Abbey the Chihuahua was fascinated by the big animal behind her house.

Oh, and for the record, I did get Bessie unstuck.  It took a lot of shoveling.  If I had Jeremiah, perhaps I could have had him pull it out.


  1. What a good looking lad. Very photogenic. Always had a soft spot for Morgans.

    You may be fortunate that it's been so wet. If it had been a very dry year, you might not have known about the wet spot until you'd built something on it or near it.

  2. Jeremiah is beautiful! The Morgan horse has it all. Justin Morgan is buried in the cemetery less than a mile from our home; last year we bought a double plot there.. beautiful view).

    1. Hmmmm... you bought a cemetery plot with a view? Why? :)

  3. I love cemeteries.. they often are home to some of the oldest and most beautiful trees around (big trees are my totem). I find them great places for thinking, remembering and appreciating. This little cemetery sits smack in the middle of our last 35+ years of living - the kids' school at one end, our home nearby, fields we farmed and loved, and a perfect view of the Green Mountains: my place on earth. It gives me pleasure as I pass it, which I do frequently.

    I've travelled to visit cemeteries on both sides of our family, as far away as the Island of Cres in the Adriatic, and I've come to associate them with beauty. Besides, what's not to like that someone takeing the trouble to visit your grave one day will likely say something like: What a beautiful spot to be buried!