Monday, July 1, 2013

Bleecker Springs?

Pam was off looking at horses yesterday, so it was just me and the dogs for most of the day.  The first thing that happened was when Olivia (the hunting dog) saw what was most likely a chipmunk and dove through the screened window to get it.  It's not her fault.  She was raised on our boat, Drift Away, and I had hung screens on the doors to keep the Georgia insects out, but they hung free so the dogs could come and go as they pleased.  Well, the chipmunk pleased Olivia so out she went, right through the screen.  My solution to that is Adirondack Screen Art (patent pending).

Pam likes it.  Good thing.

I'm getting concerned about the Big Wet Spot on our property.  Although we've had rain almost everyday since May, most other places on the land are drying up, but not the Big Wet Spot.  I took a shovel and dug a hole.  Yesterday, it was full of water.  I think we have a spring here.  Instead of a potato farm, we may dig out the spring and build guest cabins for tourists to come soak in the healthful waters of Bleecker Springs.

Hole, bottom right.

The folks carting away the mobile home for scrap finished up yesterday.  There they go with their last load.  What a relief to be rid of that.  They worked hard cutting it up and hauling it away.  I hope they made a lot of money selling the scrap metal.

I was working pretty hard myself, sorting through a wood pile, putting the brush on the burn pile and the firewood on the log pile.  The scrap metal folks left a pile of mobile home lumber and I decided to fetch it.  I took a short cut across the Big Wet Spot.   Big Wet Mistake.

Bessie is stuck real good.  I shoveled out around the tires and filled in with rocks, but Bessie refused to start.  She's a pretty cranky old lady and knows when she's had enough.  So I decided it was time for a victory defeated beer instead.  

It's raining right now on Monday morning.  I don't know if it will stop long enough for things to dry out so I can extract Bessie.  It might be a western movie day for me.

Just so you know that I'm not making it up about the rain... 

The rain totals above do not include Sunday's rain.  I'm sure we set a new record.

And what's important to note is that July is the rainiest month here. Here is the forecast for Bleecker from Intellicast. 

5-Day Forecast for Bleecker, New York

Today: Thunderstorms, High: 73 F, Low: 66 F

Tomorrow: Scattered Thunderstorms, High: 77 F, Low: 68 F

Wednesday: Scattered Thunderstorms, High: 79 F, Low: 68 F

Thursday: Scattered Thunderstorms, High: 80 F, Low: 68 F

Friday: Isolated Thunderstorms, High: 82 F, Low: 66 F

Forecast Details 

Scattered thunderstorms this morning, then mainly cloudy during the afternoon with thunderstorms likely. High 73F. Winds ENE at 5 to 10 mph. Chance of rain 80%. 

Showers and thundershowers likely this evening with a shower or two possible overnight. Low 66F. Winds SE at 5 to 10 mph. Chance of rain 60%. 

Scattered showers and thunderstorms. High 77F. Winds SSE at 5 to 10 mph. Chance of rain 60%. 


  1. Hey aren't you glad your not on the wall of the Locks. Can you imagine some of those boaters have been stuck for weeks.

    1. The Erie remains closed. I drove over it the other day and it's flowing real fast, and some of the navigation buoys are missing. This rain needs to stop if those folks are ever going to get looping. If it was me, I'd head up the Champlain Canal and go that way. Not only is the Champlain Canal open, but it's a beautiful trip besides.

  2. Rain garden?
    (Good for butterflies and bees).
    Watering hole for your dogs?

  3. We love the Adirondack Screen Art!!
    Back in Mystic aboard Erika Lin

  4. Maybe a fish farm instead of a potato farm.