Monday, July 29, 2013

Grand Hollow Old Time Power Association

Yesterday Pam and I headed to Saratoga Springs to look at a vintage gas stove for the Unabomber Cabin, but first we stopped at Coon's Crossing for the Grand Hollow Old Time Power Association's vintage tractor and engine show.  Just to cut to the chase, it was very cool, combining my love of antique and classic cars with my newfound obsession with tractors.

The business end of a tractor, the three point hitch and PTO (power take off) used to drag and power farm implements. 

Notice the two gas caps.  One is for gasoline, the other kerosene.  You'd start the engine on gasoline and when its operating temperature reached 170 degrees switch it to run on kerosene.  Back in 1941, gasoline was 14 cents a gallon, while kerosene was 7 cents.

Instead of pulling a plow, this tractor had them mounted underneath.

A portable engine to run whatever.

I'll bet OSHA would have a field day with this.

Not all John Deeres were green

???  Why was the case on this PTO cut open?

Then I looked at the engine and noticed that half of that was cut open too.

This note explains it.

A manure spreader.

We then drove to Saratoga to look at the antique kitchen stove.  Man, it's massive.  There's no way we could move it ourselves.  We'd have to hire a moving company.  Pat, the fella selling it, was very nice.  The stove has been in the house for almost 100 years, he said.  It would be fine if we left it there until our place was finished and we had somewhere to put it.  

Pam likes it and wants to buy it, but I told her she should contact a moving company first to get a price on transporting it, and to call a gas company to see what it would take to convert it to propane.

In critter news, one of the cats that Pam brought home is in heat.  What a racket.

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