Sunday, July 7, 2013

Heavy Rain Punishing Local Farmers

Pam and I drove over to our place with big plans to re-smooth the land and gather stones for the rental driveway.  Pam drove the dogs in the Kia, and I drove Bessie the Tractor.  On the way, I stopped to unclog another leaf dam that was blocking a small stream uphill from our driveway, causing the stream to overflow onto it. I think this is a never ending battle.

When I got to our place, Pam said that Earl thinks we should weld up the cracks in the bucket loader on Bessie, so that's what we did.  Well, that's what Earl did.  I kept the dogs away.

Pam moved the electric fence so Jeremiah the Horse could go inside the barn instead of just under the side roof.  Earl's tractor was moved out under the side roof.

After the welding, I helped Earl get the backhoe out of a deep hole that it fell in.  We "pushed it out" with the backhoe, while I gunned the engine and spun the tires.  After about an hour, it was free.

Pam and I then spent an hour or so gathering stones on our property to deposit in our rental driveway's mud bog.  Once the bucket was full, I drove Bessie over to the bog and dropped the stones in, where they promptly disappeared and sunk to, presumably, China.

3 PM.  Time for lunch.  Then we drove an hour and a half to Clifton Park to buy a saddle.  A nice, inexpensive one used only a few times.  A good deal at $125.

Then, we filled up our drinking water container at the Bleecker Mountain Spring, dropped it off at our rental Unabomber Cabin, gathered the dogs and then to our land for a bonfire.  It hadn't rained in 24 hours, and we had great expectations that our big brush pile would give us hours of pleasing light and warmth.  It gave us squat.

Sure, I doused it with gasoline, and then torched the pile of cardboard underneath the brush.  But we've had so much rain in the past two months that once the gasoline burned off with a big WHOOSH, it sputtered and went out.  We need an extended dry spell.

Some of you might think I'm exaggerating about all the rain we've had.  It is now 5:20 AM, and this article is what I found in this morning's paper -

Heavy rain punishing local farmers

It seems that all that talk about climate change and how great it will be to have two growing seasons may not be such a good thing afterall.

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