Sunday, July 21, 2013

Finally, another blog entry!

Ok, so the blog has been missing for a couple days. Let me preface this one with....this is not Dave. It's Pam writing this morning.

 Let me explain...... The blog of the day is generally what we do the day prior, filling you all in on the mundane stuff being done to create our homestead. From the very beginning of the purchase of land to the time of filling our barnyard with critters and crops. So when the blog left off, Dave and Earl had gotten Dumpy the Dump Truck finally started and moved to the property to begin the process of digging out the foundation and then taking a relaxing day for ourselves. I know, you're all saying we've read all this for the past two days..... Please give us something new! Ok, ok...

 On Friday, the hottest day of the summer, we rented a 17x8 uhaul truck to clear out our 10x20 storage unit and put it all in TODD who is 48x8. We did this in two long trips which I won't bore you with all the detais such as all the mice poo we found in several of our boxes, or me almost toppling over while holding Dave's 500cc Yamaha as Dave winched it up the ramp to the Uhaul, or Dave actually toppling with his 500cc Yamaha as he was putting the kickstand down, caught it in his sneaker and both landed on the ground with me laughing in hysterics as I lift it off him..... Lol!

 So after dropping off the Uhaul and checking on a worried friend's mule, we hied ourselves back to our rental unabomber cabin to get a cool shower and a cold victory beer. As I was calling my mom quick and getting those beers, Dave decided he would measure the kitchen window for a screen on the back of our rental. Mind you, the weeds, ferns and briar bushes are THICK behind the cabin, so Dave was swiping his foot doing board and nail checks before actually stepping thing I knew he his hobbling in the cabin with tears nearly streaming down his face. He found a nail and board and had managed to attach it firmly to the bottom of his sneaker! He literally, and yes, I am using the word literally, had to pry the board(and nail) from the bottom of his foot. "When was your last tetanus shot?", I asked.... Through gritted teeth of pain he answers, "I can't remember". Grabbing a clean shirt and sniffing my armpits, I tell him the victory beers and shower have to wait and off to the ER we go for a tetanus. The hospital declared he didn't knick any bones on the process of nailing a board to his foot and gave him a tetanus shot, some antibiotics and pain meds. Ordered him off his feet for the next several days and sent us home. To top off a long hard day that ended poorly with us at the ER, we had a ginormous thunderstorm that wiped out our power that evening.

 So Dave will be back on line later and will fill y'all in with photos and  another entry about our day on the lake with seafood and family that I dragged him to on crutches. But for now.... You guys are sorta caught up on Bleecker Mountain Life..... Oh, and as I speak, Olivia is grumbling and growling because the bear just wandered through the back yard munching on the field of ripened rasberries.

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