Friday, July 26, 2013

Just Ramblings

Yesterday was a dull day.  I spent  most of the day sitting here in our rental cabin with my left foot elevated, and soaking it in Epsom Salts a couple of times.  It seems to be working.  The swelling has gone down a lot.  I can almost see my boney foot again.  And yes, those cuts on my right foot are from falling into pricker bushes with my left foot nailed to the big board.

Puncture wounds heal up fast on the outside.

I had bought a generator from sailing friends Geoff and Linda.  Geoff bought it in Scotland and had it shipped here to the US.  Someplace along the way, the electrical connectors were lost.  I went online to a place in Northern Ireland and found what I thought were perfect replacements.  They're the right shape and even the right color, blue being 220V and yellow 110V.  I needed to get out of here for a bit and drove over to our property to see if they fit.  They didn't.  Just a tad too small.

Back at the cabin, I went to their website and live-chatted with Eoin, asking for the next size bigger. 

 "16 amp or 32"?

I dunno.  Does it matter?


Crap.  So today I'll go over with my multimeter, start the generator inside TODD the Trailer, and hope to get the amp readings before I asphyxiate myself, and then live-chat with Eoin again to see if I can get the right connectors.

Pam has been in Connecticut visiting friends for the past couple of days.  Poor Chevy is lost without his momma and Ruby.  He just mopes about all day, waiting for them.

I went out to close the windows in the car last night and Chevy was sitting in the passenger seat.  He refused to get out.

"Get in, Bald Guy.  We need to go find my momma."

And finally, I'll leave you with this.  Do you know how dogs like to roll in stinky stuff?  Since we got Olivia as a puppy, she insists on rolling on our towels when we get out of the shower.

Not a real confidence builder, eh?


  1. Heh. Rolling in Mom and Dad's scent is what she's doing. You should feel complimented, not insulted, Dave.

    I should tell you that I enjoy your writing and appreciate the effort you put into your Blog(s) every day. Please keep us posted as you get back on your feet, start building, run out of time, and deal with the early winter upstate. Got firewood Landlubber?

  2. Dave,
    I think what they are asking for on the generator is the output of the generator which should be on a plate somewhere on the generator not a measurement.

    Bill Kelleher