Thursday, July 4, 2013

The Dogs Meet The Horse

I've never owned a horse.  I don't know anything about them.  Pam grew up with horses and knows quite a bit.

I've also never owned a dog until we got Ruby in 2008.  I only know a little about dogs.  But one thing I know is that some dogs were bred for specific purposes.  Olivia, our German Shorthaired Pointer, is a hunting dog and bred to flush out birds and small animals.  And that's exactly what she does.  Put her in an open field and she'll gallop all over it, nose to the ground, flushing out anything there.   We didn't teach her to do that.   It's in her genes.

Ruby and Chevy are pit bulls.  They're truly wonderful dogs, loving and affectionate, especially to children.  They are also obedient and eager to please their owners.  But they were bred for a specific purpose, to bring down livestock.  How would they react to Jeremiah the horse?

Yesterday we decided to find out.   I set up my camera on a tripod and then Pam and I put the dogs on leashes and, with some trepidation (on my part anyway), introduced them to Jeremiah.   The video below shows what happened.

So it all worked out OK.

Ruby decided to watch from a safe distance.

Chevy watched from the safety of the barn.

Jeremiah wasn't fazed.

When Pam went in the corral to spray Jeremiah with bug spray, Chevy went in to watch.  I missed it, but Pam said Chevy went behind Jeremiah to sniff his butt.  Does Chevy think Jeremiah is a really big dog?

On a bright note (literally) it didn't rain yesterday.  It looks like it might not rain today.   So I'm headed over to our property to get more fill for our rental driveway.  With the record rain we've had, it's a real mess.

Oh, and Happy Fourth of July!  One year ago today, we arrived in Brunswick Georgia aboard Drift Away.   If you missed it, here is a slide show of that trip-

 Cruising the ICW from Savannah to Brunswick, Georgia.

Have a great day!

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