Sunday, June 14, 2015

Squaring Up The Shed

I haven't built too many things in my life, but one thing I learned is that it is important to get things square, plumb, and level before going too far.  Thankfully, my machinist and toolmaker training many decades ago taught me the importance of measuring carefully.

First, I shoved the two end walls into their approximate position with Pam's help.   She later went kayaking, and I was on my own.   I cut a twelve foot 4x4 footer (minus ten inches to fit) and toe-nailed it between the two end walls and then forced it into position.  Then I cut a twelve foot board to use to keep the front of the shed in position.

My friend Bill came over, and using a twelve foot 4x4 as a battering ram, we got the shed to within 1/8" of square.   Close enough.   It ain't no bridge.

After a beer, we went back to the shed and made it plumb.

I'm using 2x6s for the headers and rafters, which will be two feet on center, with 4x4 supports every four feet.  That will hopefully be adequate for snow load for a small 8x12 shed like this.  Yeah yeah, I could have googled that, but sometimes it is fun just to wing it.

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