Thursday, June 18, 2015

Gone Squatchin'

The word “squatchin'” means trekking off into the field to look for signs of Sasquatch. For the first time, Pam and I, and our friend Bill, decided to hike up the mountain from our cabin where we think the Sasquatches are headed to look for signs. Did we find any? Maybe.

We first followed the creek that runs by the cabin, and we found all kinds of tree bends and tree structures. But the problem with those is trying to determine if they could have simply fallen or bent that way, or needed to be placed that way by some intelligent being.

It is thought that Sasquatch mark trails by bending over or breaking saplings and pinning the ends down with sticks and logs.  In a forest with hundreds of vertical trees, a bent sapling stands out.

Especially when it is hard to imagine that nature pinned the end down.

Perhaps the most exciting for me was finding a huge footprint in the leafy forest floor, fully eighteen inches long.  I know it is hard to see in this photo below, but the heel is to the left, and the toes are to the right.

Giant poop.  Sasquatch or bear.  We found lots of it.

Me, looking exhausted from the climb.

But the view from the top was spectacular.

This is a good example of a tree bend made by something other than nature.  The tree on the right is bent over and pinning the tree from the left, but the tree on the right is itself pinned by a log.

Yet another tree bend.

While I think we found evidence of Sasquatch, it doesn't mean anything.  Why?  Pam and I already know that Sasquatch exist and are around us.  Finding more evidence doesn't mean anything.  But it was a beautiful day to go for a hike in the woods, and there were no bugs.  A wonderful day.


  1. Hey! from a neighbor down below you on the big reservoir... hate to brag, but I have had way more spinal surgeries.. as well as assorted other surgeries (still a kid at 56). Just thought I'd let you know, you're not alone. We too have had our share of odd occurrences over the past 25 years. So happens, I have Oaks, lakefront, a creek and its mouth right on the property, which comes complete with 3 fish spawns. Like you, I am bordered by miles of Adk wilderness. I have been studying the Bigfoot (and the paranormal) since the mid 70s, after my first UFO sighting in the Hudson Valley. About '79, always in the woods, I began to notice many unexplained tree structures while 'Coon hunting... of course no one believed me. In the 80s, we rode horseback all thru the mts of Warren County, and one squally Winter morning, found fresh tracks on Loon Lake; sadly uncastable in the fresh snow... but obviously FRESH: bare, giant human footprints only a hour at best old. In the last 2.5 decades here on the lake, we've had some very odd experiences. Let's just say I no longer doubt Native knowledge of Bigfoot. I'm not crazy, I spent a decade on the radio in Albany, worked for two Emmy winners, was Crash Fire and Rescue and a musician before my spine went south. Just thought I'd reach out after finding your blog bored looking up sightings. Nice to know we're not the only crazies. Few realize how many sightings there have been in the Adks. After I bought my property, I found out it had been the location of a Bigfoot sighting only a few years before. Brett Allen - Cover UFO Magazine 2009.

    1. Isn't it amazing when you first learn that Sasquatch are real? It is like finding a unicorn. We are totally blown away. And quite honestly, I totally get it when people look at us oddly, because that's exactly what I did until last August.