Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Sasquatch "Big Toe"

What do you do when your wife gets into "squatching", which is the search for Sasquatch evidence?  We got home from our property and after dinner Pam went for a walk around our property looking for same.  She came in shortly thereafter to fetch me.  She found a foot print from her Sasquatch friend "Big Toe", whose big toe is considerably longer than his others.

I know it is next to impossible to see in the photo, but the foot print is in the top third of the pic.  The heel is by the small green leaves and the toes off to the left.

What we did find that I found interesting was this new tree bend.  It could be our juvenile since the tree is small.

This next pic shows how it is not a natural tree fall.  The top of the thin pine is wedged by two other branches.  It cannot fall itself and do this.

And that was it.  The next thing I knew, Pam was off "squatching", tramping through the woods and looking for foot prints, tree bends, and anything else she could find.

She caught a glimpse of a Sasquatch a couple of weeks ago.  She wants to find one, get a good clear look at it, and observe it.  

I  do not.


  1. Dave-- You do not want to get a clear look at Sasquatch and be able to observe it??

    1. No, not really Kurt. I know they exist and I know what they're supposed to look like. I don't need to see one for myself. Sounds odd, I know.