Monday, June 8, 2015

Bringing In the Sasquatch Professionals

Once you're interested in Sasquatch, you'll be joining Facebook groups about them. You'll also soon receive friend requests from people you do not know from these groups. I accept all of them. No, I am not worried about weirdos and cyber-stalkers. I've been playing on Al Gores' internets since the very beginning and I have yet to come across any serious threats.

Such was the case in May when I received a friend request from Ted. As I usually do, I checked his profile to make sure he was somewhat normal, and he was, so I accepted it. Shortly thereafter, I received a Facebook message from Ted. He asked if I had talked to Steve, a noted Sasquatch researcher who also happens to live in Albany, which is not too far from here. Steve has been on a number of television shows regarding Sasquatch and is knowledgeable on the subject.

We made arrangements to meet on our property and not the cabin, since the cabin is impossible to find, on Thursday, June 3rd, 2015. They arrived late, around 7 PM, being held up by rush hour traffic. Ted and Steve both seemed like pleasant folk, common sense and down to earth. Pam and I showed them a tree branch twist, and then the “nest”, which Steve took a special interest in. He measured the opening (two feet) and then stuck his head inside.

Its bigger in here than you think,” he said.

He was particularly interested in the fact that our dogs won't go in there. Not even Olivia, our German Shorthaired Pointer, who crawls into anything in search of mice.

We remarked that we've had absolutely no activity on our property this year and didn't know why. But as we were looking for a territory marker that we found last year, we found out why. Just over our property line, on state land, was a game camera. That explained it. Put up a trail cam and Sasquatches vanish. Some think they can detect infrared, others think that Sasquatches simply know when something is out of place or added to their forest.

We then had Ted and Steve follow us to the cabin. There, we showed them the small tree breaks and twists by the cabin door, various tree bends and structures, where the car was parked when we found the hand prints, the well where Pam found the first foot print, and a general tour of the place. Ted and Steve didn't say much.

Well, do you think we might have Sasquatches here?” asked Pam.

Steve paused for a moment, and then said “You could have an HBO special here.”

Before they left, Steve showed us some of his gear. He has a digital night vision viewer, a directional heat sensor, and explained about his eight camera DVR setup. They do not whoop and holler in the woods, and certainly would never harm a Sasquatch if they saw one.

A few days later, Ted messaged me on Facebook again, asking if he could bring a team to the cabin to spend a night. Pam and I talked about it and agreed but only on the condition that all team members would not divulge our last names or location. We want to make sure that whomever comes here is serious about studying and researching Sasquatch, not crazy, and will not give us unwanted publicity. We want to protect our Sasquatches and leave them be.


  1. That tree did more damage than we thought.

  2. HAHAHAHAHA! I have absolutely no problem with anyone who thinks Pam and I are nuts. I would have thought so too until August of last year. But trust me, Sasquatches are real. You'll find them anywhere there is forest, few people, water, and a food source.