Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Building the Run-in Shed Continues.

Construction on the run-in shed is accelerating.  The hardest part is over, getting everything plumb, level, and square.

Thinking about it, I decided to put a sill in the front.  It is only four inches high and the horse and goats can step over it.  It will anchor the support posts better than just sticking the post on a rock.

I started putting the floor in the little hay loft.  It will make putting the upper header easier if there's something to stand on.

Tomorrow are a doctor's appointment for both Pam and me, and Thursday we're off for a week of camping, horseback riding, and kayaking.  No blog updates for a week.


  1. Going to go find Sasquatch Dave???

  2. We'll be looking, Mark. These things are everywhere. But you don't find them. They find you.