Sunday, April 26, 2015

Day in Photos

When we lived aboard our trawler Drift Away, I updated my blog just about everyday, with few exceptions.  Living on a boat, there is always something interesting to see, so if I wasn't mired in some boat project and was lacking for anything to write about, I'd just stand on the flybridge and shoot photos.  It always worked for me.  I don't know about my readers, but it worked for me.

I don't update this blog everyday because, quite honestly, when I'm sitting on my duff in Florida and not doing much, I can't see writing about it and boring everyone to tears.  But in the past 24 hours, I took pics of anything that looked interesting, from bored dogs to lizards and birds.

Here you go.

Tomorrow, we leave Florida for Bleecker.  Pam will lead our convoy, carrying Olivia and Chevy the dogs, and towing Jeremiah the horse in a trailer, along with two of Judi's rabbits whose names I don't know nor care to know.  Next comes me in Harvey the RV with Ruby the dog, and three cats and one yappy dogs, towing a utility trailer.  Then comes Judi in her car, with five more yappy dogs.

We obviously can't check into a motel, so we stay at farms and ranches, who don't give a crap how many critters we have.

Our internet access will be spotty, so updates to this blog will be as well.

First stop, Fairfax, South Carolina.


  1. I still think they should do a reality show about you and Pam. The trips alone would be worth a full season by themselves! Not enough room in Noah's Ark so Mrs. Noah and grandma Noah have to have their own arks. Might even run into a friggin pelican once in awhile!

    1. They couldn't do a reality show about us. No one would believe it.

  2. More believable than the other crap on TV!!