Saturday, April 18, 2015

Growing Horseradish In Florida

I planted horseradish in Bleecker (NY).  Supposedly, you stick it in the ground in a sunny spot far away from your garden, since it tends to take over everything.   After a year, not much was happening.

Pam cleaned out our refrigerator in Bleecker to pack the RV, and in the vegetable drawer found a bunch of horseradish roots.   Some were so old, they were even soft.   You  supposedly can't grow horseradish in Florida because there's no dormant season here, and horseradish needs a dormant season.   What's more dormant than a few months in a refrigerator?   So I stuck them in the ground.   That was in November.   Here they are now.

If they make it through the summer, I should have roots in the fall.  And the fresher the root, the hotter the horseradish.


  1. There may not be a "dead season," but there is a dormant season. We didn't cut our lawn from December till almost April. It stayed green and lovely, but just slowed way down. It did grow during that period, but very slowly. Once temps got back in the 80s, it took off again and now it's back to the ritual grind of mowing.

  2. Replies
    1. It is not doing well in FL. It started to spread, but then seemed to wither up. It is barely hanging on.