Saturday, April 11, 2015

Four Wheel Drive Only On The Beach

We decided to go back to Ormand Beach today to give it another try.  Kate and Chuck, visiting from New York, decided it was time to leave but decided to spend a few days at the Tomaka State Park just north of Ormand Beach.   So we caravanned there.    What a beautiful park!  I recommend it highly to all your campers and RVers.

This is their campsite.

And this is their backyard.

The five of us (me, Pam, Judi-Pam's-mom, Kate, and Chuck) piled into the Kia and drove the few miles to the beach.  As we pulled up to the toll booth, the lady asked if we had four wheel drive since the sand was very soft that day.  Yes we do, so I handed her the $10 entrance fee, pushed the four wheel drive lock button, and off we went.  

It was a beautiful day for about five minutes, and then we heard the thunder.  Here it comes.

The kids were having a blast surfing on the small waves.

Obligatory seagull photo.  Hey, I don't make the rules.

When you drive on the beach, you must stay on the travel lanes.  You park above the lanes, not below them.  This guy not only didn't listen, but he fibbed about having four wheel drive.

He obviously didn't know about driving in snow, and if your vehicle isn't moving to stop spinning your tires and digging yourself deeper.  By the time I got there with the Kia, he was buried.

I tried, but as soon as the towing strap stretched taut, the Kia stopped and I started sinking in the sand.  But I was smart enough to stop.  Once we got the strap off, I drove right off and suggested he flag down a truck.

Which he did.  I might add that things were getting interesting because the tide was coming up.  Fast.  But big black truck couldn't do it.

The lifeguard came by, I'm assuming to tell the guys to put on their life jackets, when big white truck with big honkin' tires came over.

He got him out real good, and took him to the travel lane.

So what did the stuckee do when unhooked?  He drove back on the beach to get his friend's two wheel drive Honda unstuck.

By this time, it was raining pretty good, so we went to Outback Steakhouse for dinner.  Stupid beach.

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  1. Seagull Dave? Really? Where's the friggin pelican!!!