Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Straw Bale Garden

I love Al Gore's internets.  You can learn anything here.

Pam found an article about building a straw bale garden.  Rather than rototilling and mulching, you basically just stick your plants in bales of straw.  Since our soil is so rocky in Bleecker and difficult to work with, Pam is seriously considering trying this.

Rather than me repeating what is already there, is a a link to How To Build A Straw Bale Garden by Nicole Cotroneo Jolly.


  1. I have actually done this without even reading about it.. It just seemed to make sense to me to try it-- At the time a Hay Field was my back yard.. The Hay makes it's own fertilizer as it decays and whatever you plant in the Bale the root system has plenty of space to grow in-- Unlike compacted dirt..

    My Hay Bale garden worked very well and was low maintenance-- The Hay Bale seemed to stay moist longer than dirt after watering-- If needed.. The Hay bales seemed to make it's own moisture as it decayed.. I also covered each Bale with Burlap-- Except where I had my Plants of course..

    Plus-- You two have your own Fertilizer producer!! AKA: Jeremiah..

    Time to stow away every thing and head North-- I could imagine what a project that will be.. Many Victory beers should be had when you're all done stowing it all for the trek north..

    Looking forward to that story..

    Thanks for the good reading on your Blog-- It has been a Hoot!!

  2. Don't come back yet, it is still cold, with white stuff flying around when it isn't raining