Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Eureka FL to Fairfax SC

LOL!  This reminds me of my Drift Away blog, when I'd post about cruising 20 or 30 miles.  We traveled 300+ miles yesterday, leaving Eureka around noon and arriving at Lakeview Plantation at 7 PM.  I started out by pumping $100 of gasoline into Harvey the RV.  Pam stopped twice to fill Audrey the Kia.   Audrey's gas mileage drops from 28 MPH to 14 MPG when she hauls Jeremiah the Horse.

We were supposed to take US 301 all the way, but Pam missed a turn somewhere.  The GPS insists that we take I-95, which we are loath to do, so Pam was navigating by eyeball.  I was on daydream autopilot so I didn't notice any signs either, but all of a sudden 301 was gone.  So Pam had to rely on the GPS and we found ourselves on I-95, mired in gridlock traffic just north of Savannah.  I eventually found a break in the hammer lane and yanked Harvey out into it to escape the worst of it, soon followed by Pam and Judi.  65 MPH in Harvey is white knuckle driving, to be sure.  This thing requires eyes on the road at all times to maintain  control.  When we arrived at Lakeview Plantation, I was wiped.

Lakeview is a beautiful spot, but for the life of me, I have yet to see a lake anywhere, and I've looked.

We're staying put today so Pam can ride, and then tomorrow we're off for someplace in North Carolina.  Pam told me, but I can't recall where.  All I know is that their well is having trouble and they had no water, but hopefully that is fixed by tomorrow.  Then we're off to one of our favorite stops, Lexington Virginia.

And yes.  For the record, it is freezing cold here in South Carolina.  It is 59 degrees outside at 10 AM.  I can almost see my breath.  I'm feeling sleepy, but I know that going to sleep in frigid weather could be a death sentence, so I'm on my third cup of coffee.  I'm wearing a fleece jacket and sweatpants.  I may even put on a hat.

Why in the world are we headed north in this weather?


  1. If you can, change the preference in the GPS from fastest route to something else to stay off the interstates.

    Bill Kelleher

  2. It's a bit chilly here, too... We even turned off the AC.