Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Yesterday was Horse Sh*t

Yep.  Horse sh*t.  Literally.  Pam and I decided to clean Jerimiah the Horse's barn out of manure.   I drove Bessie the Tractor to Jeremiah's barn at Earl and Judi's place where the barn is and Pam shoveled the manure bucket full, and I drove it to our property where I dumped it where the garden will be expanded to next year.  About six loads.

Ruby thought it was a giant pile of dog treats.  Nope.  Don't know why. I suppose you have to be a dog.

Afterwards, Pam and I relaxed on our 5 foot extension on our deck...

admiring the view and the foliage.

This has to be the most beautiful place on the planet at this time of year.  Sadly, it is much too short, lasting only a couple of weeks.  By Columbus Day, the leaves will all be down and it will start being dreary.

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  1. The colors are spectacular this year. I've had trouble finding beauty in November, my birth month. But I've learned to enjoy November (except for the hunting season part where mostly faux-hunters ride the roads looking to get lucky instead of exhibiting any skills or commitment).

    When the leaves have fallen the architecture of the forest emerges and you can appreciate the lay of the land. Kind of like b&w photography...subtlety has it's own beauty. The smell of woodsmoke and energizing crisp air are cheap thrills of living with four seasons. I could do without the dark mornings, however!