Monday, October 27, 2014

Sasquatch, Part 6

Yep.  I've lost it.  I'm seeing sasquatch signs in everything I see now.

I took the dogs to our property today.  It warmed up nicely, the sun was shining, and they needed to run.  I let them out of the car and all three bolted over the bank, barking like crazy.   So I wandered down there and found the most distinct sasquatch print yet.

After taking the above pic, I wandered up to the screen house.  Huh.  The waste basket that is usually under the table was pulled out.  Pulled out and full of rain water, so I laid it down to drain the water out.  Then I noticed a baggie laying on the ground nearby.   I picked it up.  Half a baggie, actually.

Huh.  Raccoon?  Coyote?  I looked at it closely.  No fang marks.  It looks like...  a huge human-type bite.

You can almost see the tooth marks.

Pam looked at it later (she was reffing a volleyball game) and said she had hamburger in there before tossing it.

I leave you to draw your own conclusions.

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  1. Maybe he'll finish your rock wall for ya while you're down south.....