Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Sasquatch / Bear??

I just received an email from a sasquatch group who reviewed my photos of sasquatch foot prints and the hand print.  They said the hand print was a smudged human print.  Hmmm.... I have very large man hands.  I have to buy the largest men's gloves that are sold, and they're tight.  The hand print on the back of my car was much, much larger than mine.  The lower palm print starts on the silver paint of the car.

Then they said that my sasquatch foot prints were bear tracks, with the front and rear overlaying each other so that it appears to be a large foot print.  You decide.

Bear track.

Our "bear".

Yeah.  Right.  I think someone is jealous.  They've spent untold weeks looking for the slightest signs, and we have them flung a us.

On another note... I love Facebook.  I often find nuggets of wisdom in silly memes like this.

Have the courage.  It's easy.

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