Sunday, October 12, 2014

Critter Tracks

The other day, Pam was crop dusting.  Not with an airplane, and not with insecticide, but with ashes from our wood stove.  Pam read somewhere that ashes are great for berry plants, and so dumped a bucket of them on her blueberry bushes.

This is Sassy the Cat.  Since she had kittens and after we got her spayed afterwards, she turned from all fangs and claws into a normal, lovable house cat.  She's almost at the pain-in-the-neck stage.

Our time here on the mountain is winding down, and it is time to start getting things ready for winter.  I used the post hole digger to drill the garden.  Drill the garden?  Yep.  The post hole digger also brings rocks up to the surface (when it is not breaking shear pins).  We're expanding the garden next year and I'm getting it ready to rototill.  Its easier to replace shear pins than tines.

The post hole digger is heavy and I wanted to keep it vertical.  I set it on a pallet, and used another pallet with hay baling twine from end to end to keep it vertical.  All I need to do next is to unpin it from the tractor's three point hitch.  Which I did.

Well, it didn't work exactly as planned, but it worked.

While sitting on the deck with  Earl and Bill, quaffing a few victory beers after cutting down some trees (yes, I did), I noticed animal tracks on the new deck.  

They look like cat tracks, but smaller.  Much smaller.  Judi's cats are all pretty big, so it might be a stray.  Maybe its the Bleecker Sasquatch's pet.  And no, the game camera pointed at the well for the past week hasn't picked up anything but dogs and cars.


  1. Replies
    1. The new owners took it to St. Augustine and named it "Happy Ours". They fixed the exhaust leak. The last time I spoke to them (they'd call with questions. I wish I had that when I bought it) they were fixing the floors and sanding it for refinishing.

  2. I hope they start a blog about their adventures like you did-- I'm sure they read your blog about Drift Away from the beginning.. It would be nice to keep following the boat that I started following 2/3 Years ago.. It was always a good read.. Thanks..

    On a side note-- Are you and Earle going to caravan together down south?? That could make for a good hoot!!

    1. Earl isn't going. He's decided that he's staying in Bleecker, all alone. Pam will be driving the Kia, towing Jeremiah the Horse, with Olivia the Insane German Shorthaired Pointer as passenger. Judi will follow in her little Toyota with her eight dogs. I will be behind in the RV with Ruby and Chevy as passengers, towing a large utility trailer full of junk.