Friday, October 3, 2014

Bleecker Autumn

It was another gorgeous day in Bleecker today.  High 60s and sunny.  After lunch, I took myself and the dogs from our Unabomber Rental Cabin to our property, which has a nice view of the mountains across the valley.  But on leaving the cabin, I first had to put the tarp back on the well that Bigfoot removed.  Again.

Isn't that a nice view?  It will be better once I cut more of the trees.  We're leaving the big, full trees and cutting the tall scrawny ones.  This will enable the full trees to be even fuller.

Even though our leaves are past peak, it is still very colorful.  That's part of our driveway in the pic below.

Pam's blueberry bushes have pretty red leaves.

I just liked this shot of one of my rock walls, with the trees off in the distance.

Tomorrow (Saturday) will be cool and rainy.  It will be a good day to stay home and watch movies.

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