Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Wow, what a beautiful day yesterday was.  78 degrees.

Pam and I took advantage of the nice weather to haul some trees from over the bank to our "2015 firewood pile" and "2015 polebarn pole pile".

This is the top of the tree that whacked me upside my head and broke my neck.  The little one on the right.  It broke off when we tried to haul it up the bank.  Revenge is sweet.

Bessie the Tractor is awesome.  This little tractor was actually able to pull those trees up a hill, where Pam unhooked the chain or rope and I pushed them on a pile with Bessie's front bucket.

My old friend (emphasis on old) Bob commented yesterday about the danger of a spark from our bonfire igniting the woods.  This is where we have our bonfires.  A spark would have to travel a long way!

A very rare photo of Olivia napping.  99.99% of the time on our property, she's running all over the woods hunting.

Today we're picking up an old Troy Built model Horse rototiller from our friends Jim and Laurie.  We'll haul it in the horse trailer.  That's also a handy thing, that horse trailer.  Besides horses and hay, it hauls anything that fits.


  1. That doesn't look very far to me - bonfire site to brush.
    Sparks fly, as do embers, and besides,
    The woods are incredibly dry this year.
    Only you can prevent forest fires, said with straight face.

  2. Your old friend likes trees and forests too much. One solitary spark with long legs will ruin all the fun and scar the forest. Not worth it. Hold hands and sing Kumbaya around the camp lava lamp instead :)