Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Water Water Everywhere And Not A Drop To Drink

Well, as Pam wrote, we're back in Bleecker.  My first job at the Unabomber Cabin was to prime the pump and get the water going.  I tried for hours but the pump wouldn't pump.  Earl came over and we puzzled over it until he finally said that we should check the well.  The well at the cabin is a dug well, a pretty simple affair.  We pulled the cover off of it and looked.  Plenty of water in there.  We pulled the pipe up.  After examining it, it appeared that the foot valve, a check valve that keeps water in the pipe, wasn't working.  I removed it and when I tried to take it apart, it fell apart.  The valve was all brass, but a retaining nut was stainless steel.  Electrolysis destroyed it.

I hied myself to Allen and Palmer True Value in Northville and bought another for $20.  I screwed it onto the end of the pipe, but when I put the pipe back in the well, the old hose kinked.  I pulled it out to straighten it, and it tore.  I removed the hose clamp to separate the hose and a plastic elbow down in the well broke.

Long story short, no one will come to fix it, so I'll have to do it myself.  This will involve putting an extension ladder down the well, climbing in to frigid waist deep water, and removing the broken elbow and installing a new one.


On a brighter note, the dogs and the horse are loving being  back in Bleecker.  It is all fun and games for them.


  1. Hope you've had all you children before you get in that water!!!!! Ain't country grand???

  2. Glad you guys got home safe! Its a good feeling getting home after a long time on the road. Be careful down that well.