Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Life's Little (mis)Adventures

Well, with a few hiccups, we have finally made it home to Bleecker. Dave can't get on the internet but for once, my Ipad sees the connection! So, since you have all been waiting with bated breath, I will give a quick update with a much better tale on it's way complete with the famous photos from Dave in a day or so.

We left Windy Ridge on Saturday morning and arrived in Bleecker by late afternoon. The dogs were ecstatic to pull in my mom and Earl's driveway! They burst out the car doors and ran, and ran, and ran some more! Jeremiah the Horse backed out of his trailer, took a look around and was quite content. He walked briskly to his barn, sniffed it inside and out and then began grazing on the nice green grass growing in his pasture. Aahh, to be home.

What were we going to do for dinner? Goto Vrooman's for wings! Our friend, Bill was at Mom and Earl's, so he was happy to join us. I missed Vrooman's wings. They are the best! Other places are good, but these....Mmmm, Hmmmm, the best!

Since it had been a long six hour day drive and we were all tired, we decided we would just stay in the RV at Mom's and then get everything turned on in the Unabomber cabin Sunday. All we need to do is wipe mouse dropping down, sweep, vacuum, unpack, oh! And turn the water back on. So mom helped me dust and wipe things down while Dave busied himself with getting the water turned on. An hour later.... No water. Two hours later, no water. earl came over.....and they pulled the cover on the dug well.... Seems the check valve, whatever that is, was not working correctly. Dave took it off and promptly broke it. Huh.... Well, guess we spend another night in the RV. Needless to say, it is Tuesday morning, I'm writing the blog and we still have no water in the Unabomber cabin. I am hoping it will be fixed by today, but for now, ya'll have a brief update of the goings on in the world of the Gibsons. 

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