Thursday, May 29, 2014

The Deck, and Getting the Garden In

I hied myself to Kingsboro Lumber in Gloversville yesterday.  I sketched out a 10 by 15 foot deck that I wanted (I always patronize local small businesses rather than big box stores whenever possible, and no, I don't really care if it is more expensive).  For $7.50 they delivered my deck to Bleecker.  Imagine my surprise when I found this in the driveway.

What the...  do you mean I have to assemble it myself??

Pam planted her garden.  Its very small because our soil is very, very rocky.  She took a pitchfork and mixed in some old Jeremiah manure by hand.  This whole thing took several hours.

My contribution was to spread the manure with the back blade on the tractor, and to build the little stone wall that serves as a boundary to the dogs.  I hope it also works for rabbits and deer.  Pam planted lettuce, tomatoes, peas, green beans, red and green peppers, jalapeno peppers, and other stuff that I've forgotten about.

See the chair?  That's mine.  I love work.  I could watch it all day.


  1. watching vegetables grow is very tiring.... You need to stay seated with a cooler full of Victory beers (so you don't dehydrate....)

  2. Good luck with the low stone wall -- my guess is you and your wife are simply planting a lovely buffet for Bambi. Around here deer eat EVERYTHING. And what they don't eat, rabbits finish off.

    1. We're working on a wattle fencing to surround it. That might keep out the little critters, but Bleecker deer can easily jump an eight foot high fence from a standing start.

  3. Actually, my Mom has been growing a garden for years and the deer have never bothered it here in Bleecker. Also, we don't have rabbits. Not sure if that's because of the coyotes or all the cats my Mom has. Either way, I'm not too worried. I'll get the wattle fencing done is week and we'll see how the garden does. We'll make adjustments as needed, but for now, it felt really good to get some things planted. Pam