Thursday, May 15, 2014

Horse Motel: Fort Valley, Virginia

Yesterday was a short day, only two hours from Lexington to Fort Valley.  But that's two hours off of our next hop, which is to Pennsylvania, and which took us eight hours heading south in January.  Six hours is long enough, both for Jeremiah the Horse riding in his trailer, and for me driving RV "the Boat".   This thing is a handful.

Fort Valley is an RV and horse campground.  We have RV hookups and pens for horses here, so that makes it convenient.

The dogs like it here too.  So much to see.

This rig came in yesterday afternoon.  The horses seemed curious as to where they were.

And today, despite my misgivings, Pamela is trail riding for the first time since getting thrown from Gracie the Horse and breaking a rib.  I think both she and Jeremiah needed some riding time.

We're staying here tonight too, and then tomorrow its off to Pennsylvania, and then home to Bleecker.  I told Earl to scrap all those metal working machines in his garage and get a pool table.  


  1. Glad everything is working out for you. Have a safe trip! Chevy looks like he is ready to take off! Hows it going with Driftaway?

    1. We're taking it slow and easy, both for Jeremiah's and my benefit. I've accepted an offer on Drift Away subject to survey, and have another offer on the table. Its a good boat, especially for someone who can swing a paintbrush and replace paneling. I hope it finds a good home. Pam and I have many fond memories from that boat.

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