Sunday, May 4, 2014

My Second Cousin

I posted a blog a bit ago titled "What Are The Odds", about living and working in the very rural and sparsely populated communities of Fort McCoy and Eureka, Florida, and running into a whole flock of cousins who live here.  Well, I also have even more 2nd cousins (children of my cousins).  I have a whole new family!

This morning, cousin Justeen brought my 2nd cousin (her daughter) Kelly over to ride Pam's horse Jeremiah.

Kelly is 11.  She loves horses, and loves Jeremiah.

Janelle was there too.  She's 5 and also loves horses.

Carlie, aged 10, wanted to ride but had to put a bridle on her horse Blake.

Pam helped.  And yes, eventually Blake was all bridled up...

and Carlie had a nice time riding with Kelly and Janelle.

Horses are so cool.  And cousins.

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