Sunday, April 20, 2014

the Look

Pam is an experienced rider, and very good at it.  Still, shit happens.

Yesterday, Pam was taking a group for a ride at the Griffin Ranch.  She got everyone mounted and then was about to get on Gracie, one of the gentlest horses at the ranch.  Gracie spooked, started backing up, and then bucked before Pam had her seat.  Pam went flying, landing on the ground and hitting some tree roots.

She laid there for a few moments to take an assessment and then mounted Gracie and went for the trail ride.  Gracie was nervous and twitchy and at one point bucked again, but Pam stayed on board.

She came home and wasn't moving too well, but she took a hot shower and later we returned to the ranch to celebrate Patricia's birthday (Carl Griffin's SO).  We ate dinner with some fascinating guests, professional underwater photographers and videographers.   But soon, Pam signaled to me that it was time to leave.  She was a hurting unit as everything started to set up and harden.

At home on RV "the Boat", I gave Pam two Aleve and one of my back pills and put her to bed.  That got her through the night, but this morning she's in a lot of pain.  More pills and time should take care of this.

I told her that maybe it is time to give up riding horses.  I got "the look".  You guys all know "the look".  It is like when our wives tell us we should give up beer.

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