Sunday, April 27, 2014

Denny The Welder

Earl and I were inspecting the little used boat trailer I had bought and were planning how to go about reinforcing it when our neighbor, Denny, saw us.  

"What are ya'all doin?" he asked, with his deep North Carolina southern drawl.

"We're figuring out how to reinforce this trailer," said I.  Denny was there in a heartbeat.

"Ya'all aren't goin' to weld nuthin' with that Mickey Mouse welder ya'all bought.  Bring it over to my place."

Denny is retired Army, but also a retired boilermaker.  Denny's place is man heaven, with any tool you want and an assortment of things like welders.  And he knows how to use them.  So I dragged the trailer to Denny's.   It was too hot to work on it on Friday, and again on Saturday, with afternoon temps in the mid-ninties.  But this morning, I hied myself over there to grind off the galvanizing where Denny was going to weld.  Later that day, even though it was still in the ninties, Denny called me over to help him weld.  Help, as in hand him tools and such.

Denny welded channel steel to reinforce the frame and then we rolled it on it's side to weld the bottom.

"Uh oh, I don't like this!" said Denny.


"This frame was welded once before, and the weld is cracked down  here.  Fetch the grinder and clean this up and I'll fix it."

Denny has many amazing projects going on, and is a real talented guy.  Between Denny and Earl, I can get anything fixed.

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  1. Maybe you should take Denny to Bleecker with you. He could come in handy!