Wednesday, April 23, 2014

A Broken Rib

Ya'all might recall that Pam was bucked off a horse at the ranch on Saturday.  Pam doesn't get bucked off, but the horse bolted as Pam was getting on and wasn't in the saddle.  It hurt so bad that she cried, but she got back on the horse and went for a trail ride with guests.  On Monday, I took her to the ER.  She has a broken rib.

Get back on the horse?  Yes.  For two reasons.  One is that you can't put the horse back in the corral.  That will teach the horse to buck off his rider if he doesn't want to ride.  The second reason is for the rider.  If you want to ride, you can't be afraid of horses.

We're intending to head back to New York in a couple of weeks, with me driving the motorhome and Pam towing Jeremiah the horse with the Kia.  Those plans may change.  A broken rib can be excruciatingly painful, especially if one sneezes or coughs, to the point of losing control while driving.  Another weeks or so should determine what we're doing.

This was Earl's and my latest project.  Moving a chain link fence.

The fence was connected from the front of the property to the garage.  We moved that section to the front, connecting it to the house.  You can see where it was, and where it is.  You can also see the remnants of the stove top install leaning against the house.  That's in the county dump now.

Earl and I are boat trailer hunting today.  If I can find a small one capable of carrying a heavy boat, the Boston Whaler on Drift Away will become our new fishing boat.

No Navi-Nut (patent pending) or charts required on a fishing boat.

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  1. Ruby & Chevy could always trade off with Pam on driving the Kia. They're pretty smart dogs after all.....

    I can just see you and Earl out in the Whaler arguing how to get back to the car! If only I'd used a Navi-Nut (patent forever pending).......