Saturday, April 19, 2014

Earl's $5 sink

Everyone loves a bargain.

Earl and I were riding in the car together when he spotted a yard sale.  "Pull over!" he commanded!  So I did.  A midst the old lawnmowers and what not was a stainless steel sink.

"How much?" asked Earl.

"Five dollars."


So Earl bought a pretty rough stainless steel kitchen sink, complete with a faucet, sprayer, and plumbing.  He spent the next few days with a wire brush cleaning it up.  Then it was off to Lowes to buy the plumbing necessary to hook it up.  After all, why go through all this work if the old stuff leaks?  Earl picked up brand new water lines and various adapters.  I then convinced him to look at a new faucet.

"C'mon Earl.  That old faucet is pitted and looks like crap," said I.

"I cleaned it up," said Earl.

"Its still pitted, and besides, its too low.  Judi won't be able to get a pot under it to wash it."

Well, $92 later, we left Lowes.  With a new faucet.

We spent the better part of two days removing the old sink and installing the new one.  It also required several trips to the Fort McCoy Hardware store.  Earl's total?  About $130 for a $5 sink.

"You sure like watching me spend my money," declared Earl.

Yes.  Yes, I do.

"But look how nice it looks!" declared I.

I can't print Earl's response, but it isn't physically possible.


  1. No before & Pictures??

    When are gonna follow the Geese??

    1. You're gonna laugh. As you probably remember, my mantra is never, never, never, never, never leave the camera home. So I put it in the car, which Pam takes to the ranch everyday. No camera for projects.

      We're leaving here the beginning of May, and should be in Bleecker by the middle of May.