Sunday, July 13, 2014

I Know You're All Concerned About Chevy The Dog...

Chevy is holding his own. His gums are slightly pinkish and he's moving around. The antibiotics he's on might be working. He's lost weight though. He's gone from a muscular 80 pound intimidating pitbull to a 70 pound weakling, but still looks good.

As for me, I'm OK.   The neurosurgeon would not install springs instead of spacers in my neck, claiming that I would tire of being a bobblehead.  I guess he never heard of the phrase that the customer is always right.

The surgery on the back of my neck was, for some reason, gotten to from the front. My throat is swollen so much so that I have a difficult time swallowing anything but liquids, or very soft food severely masticated and washed down with something liquid. I almost choked on a bagel in the hospital and couldn't eat a hot dog last night. I'm reluctant to eat anything alone in case I choke.  I mean, what if I was eating a bagel and came across  an article about Rick Perry and Sean Hannity patroling the Rio Grande with a machine gun, looking for illegal immigrant children?  I might choke even without the operation side effect.

I think machine gunning children is a bit extreme.  A good spanking and sending them to bed without their supper should do it.

I had to sleep sitting up last night so that I wouldn't accumulate too much spit before swallowing it. Yeah, I know, too much information.  Sleeping sitting up isn't as difficult as you think if you have a neck brace.

The RN got me a prescription for steroids to reduce swelling in my throat. I'm concerned that a possible side effect is that I'll have to work as a WWE wrestler.

You can see that the guy above on the left must have had the same neck operation, because he's gagging on trying to swallow whatever it is he ate.  The guy on the right is probably yelling something about call 911 and eat your vitamins.


  1. Which one is Gov. Rick Perry? The guy with the bandanna or the guy with the painted face?

  2. Dave,
    My similar surgery two months ago was near-painless at first. The difficulty swallowing continues even now, but the surgeon insists it will be better "in time." Clever guy. See if you don't experience shooting flashes as your nerves try to reattach. They also have caused painful spots in my joints and in one case my right heel that go away after a couple of days as abruptly as they arrive. Good luck with the recovery and believe me when I advise DON'T OVERDO IT!

  3. Could Chevy have Lyme Disease???? It's very difficult to diagnose in humans who can describe the symptoms. understand it presents differently in almost every case....with very few common symptoms.

    1. All tests have come up negative for Chevy. We're worried, because he's taking the same path as Gertie the Cat who finally withered away and died.