Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Horse Camping In Lake Luzerne, In Photos

Pam and I, along with our dogs Olivia, Ruby, and Chevy, and Jeremiah the horse, spent five days camping at the state campground in Lake Luzerne.  The first day (Wednesday) started raining right after we got there and set up.  Perfect timing.

Olivia was bored though.

Our solar panel charging the RV batteries.

Sandals to cowgirl boots.  That's my gal.

Kim and  her horse.

Pam getting on Jeremiah, who is raring to go.

There is fungus among us.

Campground stalls.

Kim and Otter.

It was really cold in the morning.  Down in the 50s!  I think I could see my breath.


Fly mask.


Left to right- Pam, Kim, Renee', Steve.

Steve is a farrier.

Judi and Bill came to visit and brought Timmy the Nose Licking Dog.

Bill and Timmy.

Tyler, one of the Allen boys, with his horse, which he bought with his own money.  All the Allen boys are hard working kids.

Yes, Artie's wrists are crossed.

We had a great five days.  Camping is pretty much like how we live anyway, except without internet.

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