Monday, July 14, 2014

Around the Unabomber Cabin, In Photos

On our old blog, which chronicled our travels on our trawler Drift Away, I would sometimes just stand  on the flybridge for an hour or so and photograph whatever came by.  I thought I'd try that here, but no one came by.  Apparently, I'd have to go looking.

Carrying a camera is good practice.  At first glance, there was nothing worth photographing.  But the camera makes you look.  These are the results, all taken within 20 feet of our cabin door.

Spooky the Kitten is starting to explore the outdoors.

This will be a good berry season.

Ruby, checking up on me.

Not great photographs, but good practice.

I just ordered an infrared filter for my camera.  It filters out visible light, leaving what the human eye cannot see.  From what I've seen online, it renders some surrealistic photos.  It should be fun to toy around with.

In my health news, today is slightly better than yesterday.  A tiny bit more range of motion, a little less of a sore throat.  Tomorrow should be better still.  I'm very happy with the results of the cervical operation so far.

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