Friday, July 11, 2014

Dave News

Hi to all our readers. I know you must be wondering how Dave is doing so I am here to tell y'all that he is doing great!

Surgery took about three hours. I was beginning to get worried, but my best friend was sitting with me and keeping me SANE.  Just as I felt like I was about to not stay sane the doctor came out to give me news, and the news was good. The surgery was to put new spacers between his discs, not replace the discs as we had thought.  He had planned on doing from C4 down to C7. When he opened Dave up, he saw a lot more degeneration than he anticipated and ended up putting spacers in all the way from C2 on down to C7. I bet he regained the couple inches he had lost in height! C7 was also still fractured, or maybe refractured from being yanked by Olivia? Due to the extra work, his doc felt he should keep Dave an extra night. I came home to check on all the critters tonight and will bring our patient home tomorrow. He can fill you in on all the good stuff from there, but I felt I owed you guys an update. Wait till he gives you the tale of his room mate, lol... now there was a funny guy!

good night to all!