Saturday, October 24, 2015

Pump House Walls Done

Today was a productive day.  I worked on the pump house for five hours, the limit of my endurance.  I finished the gable ends of the walls and built shutters for the windows, which we'll put up tomorrow after it stops raining.

I'll make the door tomorrow as well.

Left to right below is a kerosene heater, the 65 gallon water tank that I'll build a floor in the peak for, and a shallow well pump.

It is getting close.

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  1. I had a kerosene heater like that in my MD shop. It was wonderful. On low flame, it would run about 24 hrs on a tank. Not sure how much the tank held, but it wasn't much. Maybe a gallon?

    I only ran it when I needed to get the air temp up to 60 for doing resin work, mid winter. Had to buy a new wick once, because of dirty fuel, so be careful about that. It didn't turn out to be that expensive or hard to replace, but it was a pia.