Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Lilly Versus the Goats.

I took all four dogs over to our property today to work on the pump house.  It was the first time for Lilly, and apparently the first time she'd ever seen goats.  It was also the first time the goats had met Lilly and they were wary.

Lilly decided the goats needed gittin'.  This is going to be good, I thought.  Andy lowered his horns as a warning.

Ruby decided Lilly was being over the top and pushed her away.  Ruby runs... well, everything.

Sadly, I didn't photograph the best part.  I decided I couldn't work on the shed and watch Lilly and the goats too, so I sat in the screen house with a beer.  Lilly kept circling the goats, nipping at them.  Finally, Andy had enough and rammed Lilly so hard that she flew through the air, knocking over a metal table, and metal chair, and landing six feet off the deck.  That was the end of the problem.   Time to work on the shed.

It is getting very close now.  Another afternoon or two of uninterrupted time and it should be done for the winter.

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