Sunday, October 4, 2015

Autumn in Bleecker

I got some of the rafters up on the pump house before my right arm gave out.  Hey, it's progress!

Our friend and neighbor Phil stopped by with apples for both Pamela and the goats.  These may have been for the goats, but Ruby the Pitbull ate a half a dozen.  Edible toys!

Fall is about at its peak here.  Sadly, maybe because of the drought, the colors are not as vibrant as usual.  

It was 55 degrees and cool sitting in the shade, but the sun was wonderful

Tomorrow, I'm going to try to finish the rafters and nailers, and then comes the roof.


  1. When will you and the ark be heading for Flirida???

    1. End of October, Mark. Pam's daughter is due on November 1st and the new grandma wants to be there.