Saturday, July 4, 2015

Walling the Run-in Shed

Work is progressing on the shed.  Yesterday, our friend Trish came up to help me build a wall.  Well... it was more like I helped her.   We finished one side.

I'm doing the siding clapboard style, which keeps water out of the ends of the boards and will make it last longer.

That's about three hours of work, which is one hour longer that I can work when working alone.  I don't know what I'll get done today because it is raining.  Again.   ~sigh~.  What I need to do next is to bring in more fill.  I also leveled it for the last time yesterday, which lifted it a couple of inches off the ground.    I'll use Bessie the Tractor to do that, putting fill in the manure bucket and dumping it in, so I need to do that before I finish the walls.  Maybe later if the rain stops.

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