Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Canada Lake, in Photos

When I published my Drift Away blog (our boat that we lived aboard), one of my favorite things was to grab my camera and photograph whatever happened by.  On Drift Away, it could be incredibly interesting.  Visiting our friend James on Canada Lake, maybe not so much.  But still, for a Tuesday on a tiny upstate New York lake, not too bad either.

A West Wight Potter.

Everyone sing... Mist, on the water...

Yep, certainly not as exciting as being on Drift Away... but still, these folks were having fun.


  1. Guess there's no friggin Pelicans on Canada Lake. Bummer......

  2. Do you two miss Drift Away? She was a good boat..

    1. Yep. We miss Drift Away a lot. She was a great boat.

  3. I haven't been out and about the harbor enough to notice if Drift Away has materialized in one of the marinas, yet. One of these weekends, I'll take the time to cruise the marinas. Unless you know which marina the new owners were planning on berthing her?

    Still getting out and shooting Wednesday night races, now that I can drive again, though. Pics on my google page.