Friday, July 3, 2015

Camping At Fourth Lake, in Photos

You regular readers might notice that I sometimes disappear for a period.  That's when Pam and I go away, as we did last Thursday, taking Harvey the RV and all the critters to Fourth Lake in Lake Luzerne (NY) for a camping trip.  Pam and her friend  Kim rode horses, and I got to babysit all the animals, save the horses. Chevy and Ruby the pitbulls, Olivia the insane German Shorthaired Pointer, and Amos and Andy the goats.  Yes, the goats.  We asked at the park booth if they were kid friendly and they said yes.

Even though it rained for four days, it was a good time.  I had a chance to play with my camera once again.  Here you go.


75 watts of solar panels plus a 2000 watt generator.

Amos and Andy grazing.

Andy looking for attention from Pamela.

Olivia tied to a chunk of firewood to slow her down.

Justin, Kyle, and Frankie.

Cassie and Chevy.

This is an amanita muscaria.  Deadly poisonous.  Out west, they're red and just as bad.

Beaver dam.

Nope.  No idea.

Ruby loves to blow bubbles in the water.

Gills of an amanita.


Despite the rain, it was a great camping trip.  Very relaxing.  Except for the goats.  And for Olivia running off someplace for a couple of hours dragging a log behind her.  Great trip.

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