Monday, July 6, 2015

More Sasquatch Stuff

This is so common place, it is almost getting boring.  Almost.  I found this on the back of the car this morning.

I did a bit of work on our property today.  I picked up about ten loads of compost from the goats' trailer and dumped it by the garden, which was exhausting work, and then a load of fill for the run-in shed.  Then, I cut eight boards to length for the shed side before giving in to the heat and humidity.  2 PM was victory beer time for me. 


  1. you should draw a caricature of a Sasquatch in the window dust... Maybe the next visit, they will be inspired to reciprocate...

  2. Or maybe they will think the image is a competitor and smash his face in, leaving hair and blood samples on the bits of broken glass... Just sayin'